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The Tropical Hangouts were invented, designed and produced by the entrepreneurs at 4LittleBirds, based in Amsterdam. 4LittleBirds was originally formed by four friends, all with a strong passion to produce from the root philosophy of: ‘Creating products that make you smile’.

In our initial period we spend time in the Caribbean (SXM) for half a year at our favorite beach bar. Between two palm trees we hung a wonderful hammock. Because of the atmosphere and the comfort, this hammock was a popular spot. Unfortunately, one hammock is of course far beyond social, but due to a lack of hanging points, which is often the case, we have implemented this solution into our Tropical Hangout product line.

4LittleBirds develop and sell a wide range of products. Given the success of the Tropical hangout product line (Outdoor Living line), a separate trade name has been established for this. The Tropical Hangout outdoor living line is unique and distinguished by itself in respect of the standard options. The perception and experience of the users is the focal point. The social aspect is highly important to us.

Now we all enjoy a wonderful time together with our friends and family and create memories... 
The atmosphere that it creates radiates equally to the other people and its location.